there was a time
when the book
did not exist

perhaps in the
writer’s heart
and mind

yet still the process
to create for others
to read in some form

there was a time
when the reader
did not know

the book exists
yet once found
is read and reread

treasured forever
among many books

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Writing Practice: May 7, 2021

morning work
in the kitchen

reading a new-used book

blue sky and some clouds

birch trees in May
wind and evergreens

daffodils and primroses
in the yard

sounds of work
in the neighborhood

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2021 Series at Poems From Psalms And Nature

At Poems From Psalms And Nature, I began a new series on the theme of Mercy and Gratitude, which will feature my poems inspired by thrift stores, with links to the store sites. And creative notes in general.

Today’s post is Poetry Book by Madeleine L’Engle, which also lists the posts so far in the series.

We live in Wisconsin – the Midwest, USA. And I buy used books from other places online, as well as places in our area. So many good deeds, and books are shared with more people. Wonderful.