Haiku Diary: Last Week In April

early morning
bird songs

some time for poems
from Spring journals

old trees and sunrise
by Lake Michigan

April days go by
snowdrops grow and bloom

light begins
in the sky

And today:

small flowers
and poems

Haiku Art Site

Primrose and daylily plants are beginning to grow in our garden. April flowers are snowdrops – these small flowers and they still bloom.

Photo by Kristine Tanne on Pexels.com
Photo by Hugo Sykes on Pexels.com

Three Poems

cup from a thrift store
on my grandmother’s
straw chest
near the window
fills with light

early morning – Poems From Psalms And Nature

new leaves
on the birch tree
study window in Spring

new leaves – Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

marsh marigolds
along the road
especially beautiful
this year

Photo by Wolfgang Krzemien on Pexels.com