Time of Singing poetry journal

Time of Singing poetry journal, edited by Lora Zill, has a new site. This print journal was one of the first to publish my poems, and I am grateful. Today I am reading the Winter 2020/21 issue (Volume 47, Number 3).

Here is an early poem.

birds perch
in sheltering branches
a grain of mustard seed

Matthew 13: 31–32 inspired my poem.
Published by Time of Singing (1995).

Poem by Ellen Grace Olinger


sunrise . . .
some water
for the chrysanthemum

by Ellen Grace Olinger

Published by hedgerow #133, a journal of small poems,
autumn 2020. Caroline Skanne is editor.

September 2017

The corn is tall, and soybean fields are beginning to turn gold.  Some leaves on trees are showing autumn colors.  I am grateful for the seasons.

The light is beautiful.

I am reading a lot these days.


Photo by Irina Iriser on Pexels.com