Winter days

Yesterday, we went to Schwarz Fish Company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin – the Wholesale Location this time. Then a drive to see the decorations and lights in the area. Karl observed that already the days are a little longer. Beautiful to watch the natural light change. All beautiful, whether someone created a grand display of lights, or a simple wreath.

Winter drive
holiday lights in Sheboygan
and small towns

Winter drive

a busy day
followed by
a quiet day
snow on the roof
and seawall

a busy day


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Short Journal Notes

New Poems – May 2019 is a post from my site Poems From Psalms And Nature. It is a small collection of poems.

The post includes poems I wrote this month, and posted first on my primary site, Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin.

The post was inspired by Mother’s Day, as my mother encouraged me to write.

For this site, one of my goals is to review my handwritten journals, and then share and save some content here. I am just beginning this project. I came across a memory of an older neighbor who expressed appreciation for my poetry some time ago. Those are the kinds of treasures I want to rediscover and save.

Thank you. I enjoy trying different WordPress themes and the new editor. I learn more about design, try different colors etc. Blessings for your work.

Daylilies are growing, and daffodils are in bloom. I took these photos in the yard last week.

Ellen Grace Olinger