Daily Prompt – Sunday, January 15, 2023

Think back on your most memorable road trip.

Daily Prompt

Years ago, and for several years, I drove from our small town to the Milwaukee area (Wisconsin USA) to help with my mother’s care.

groceries for Mom
fresh flowers
always on the list

another year
has passed since
my mother’s passing
I sit and quietly read
a book she would like too

Photo by photos_by_ginny on Pexels.com

reading memoirs

Do you spend more time thinking about the future or the past? Why?

Daily Prompt

Perhaps both the same – reflections and remembrance, along with hope and plans for the future.

reading memoirs
and then the view
outside today

by Ellen Grace Olinger

February 23, 2015

All the Way Home: Aging in Haiku
Edited by Robert Epstein
Middle Island Press, 2019

As a creative note, interesting to see the history of a poem, sometimes over years.

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com