writing and reading
I don’t see the dust . . .
then seeing I remember

and know He does not forget

and understands with Love

For he knoweth our frame;
he remembereth we are dust.

Psalm 103: 14 (KJV)

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Grateful for Bloganuary 2022

I completed Bloganuary 2022, posting from my primary blog, POEMS FROM OOSTBURG, WISCONSIN. Thank you to The Team at for the excellent daily prompts in January 2022. Thank you to all who wrote and viewed/read posts. I write and learn – lifelong learning. Many ways to create our art.

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there was a time
when the book
did not exist

perhaps in the
writer’s heart
and mind

yet still the process
to create for others
to read in some form

there was a time
when the reader
did not know

the book exists
yet once found
is read and reread

treasured forever
among many books

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