Poems From Psalms And Nature: 2020 Series Review

At Poems From Psalms And Nature, I am working to review our series from March 2020 – July 2020. These posts are short selections from the 150 Psalms, with art by many people. I also post some of my poems and reflections.

If you are interested, these are my two recent posts, and you can read/view more from there. My goal is to offer a few moments of beauty and hope.

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Thank you and take good care.

Photo by Noel Ross on Pexels.com


P romises of
S erenity
A nd
L ove
M editations and
S trength


150 poems
the Psalms


with gold leaves
in mild winds
Unto thee,
O Lord,
do I lift up
my soul.

Psalm 25: 1


rereading Psalms
colors of leaves
a deeper gold

(SMILE; No. 71, 2013)

Ellen Grace Olinger


“Floral seamless pattern golden” is courtesy of wpclipart.