Grateful for Bloganuary 2022

I completed Bloganuary 2022, posting from my primary blog, POEMS FROM OOSTBURG, WISCONSIN. Thank you to The Team at for the excellent daily prompts in January 2022. Thank you to all who wrote and viewed/read posts. I write and learn – lifelong learning. Many ways to create our art.

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Bloganuary: first question

Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

The first question from The Team at WordPress.​com:

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Although I do not remember learning how to read, math and science took more time. I am grateful for and all I learn here. I am older now, and have also found that the skills I learn here transfer to other necessary work online. I love to learn, and lifelong learning is a goal for all.

There was also the concern about grades – so when I had a choice for a course, it was understandable to choose a subject I loved, where I also knew I could succeed. Today with work online and blogs, we can learn in many ways. And I love libraries!

Now I remember when I was in graduate school (education) and the classes in statistics (over 30 years ago). I found a book by an author that…

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two new poems

grey morning
I take my time
and read the poetry
of the garage light
and Winter

small town park
seems larger now
no swings on the sets
and no people
bright cold day

Veterans Park
Oostburg, Wisconsin

December 29, 2021

POEMS FROM OOSTBURG, WISCONSIN – This is my primary site. I will post from there for Bloganuary 2022. And also share here, as I learn this new challenge.

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