“He hath made every thing beautiful in his time…”

From Ecclesiastes 3:11a (KJV).


I chose this Bible verse as the theme for my blogs.  There is the beauty of each season in the garden, and the seasons of life.  With our long winters and short summers, I learn more each year about beauty.


The perennials inspired this poem awhile ago:

all winter
flowers rest
in the earth
beauty begins
in the heart

Daffodil – Ellen Grace Olinger


rain today

rain today
how soon we reach
the end of what we know
and how deep
faith continues to grow


Leaves on brown tarp
October 2017


July 2015


where once
I mourned


Ellen Grace Olinger

we hold the door

we hold the door
for older people
memories of Mom

Ellen Grace Olinger

This poem was published in the book They Gave Us Life: Celebrating Mothers, Fathers & Others in Haiku; Edited by Robert Epstein (2017, Middle Island Press).