Art and Stories

Over the years, I have grown a small collection of books, poetry journals, and art on the walls in my small study. We have visited thrift stores in our area, and bought discarded books from libraries. Art from friends and small businesses and presses.

Old books with my mother’s handwriting are a treasure. These may become art collage journals.

I like to create arrangements that are simple and change every so often. It is interesting to see how colors and art work together. There is a conversation, it seems. One work says – see how art grows from a diffcult time. Another says – rest awhile.

So often there is a story. I see how we can learn and grow new creative chapters in our lives. New work that is better can grow, with patience and time. I reflect upon health and creativity often.

early light
clouds picture a poem
perhaps a haiku

small steps
one day at a time
sparrows in the yard

new space
on a few shelves
donated books



there was a time
when the book
did not exist

perhaps in the
writer’s heart
and mind

yet still the process
to create for others
to read in some form

there was a time
when the reader
did not know

the book exists
yet once found
is read and reread

treasured forever
among many books

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reading from books

Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

reading from books
with well-earned wisdom
light on evergreens

I have mentioned Madeleine L’Engle and Luci Shaw. They wrote a book together called Friends for the Journey: Two extraordinary women celebrate friendships made and sustained through the seasons of life (copyright 1997 by the two authors; Servant Publications, Ann Arbor, Michigan). I saw on Amazon that there is a 2003 paperback version from Regent College Publishing, and I ordered a used copy. I love seeing the growth and history of a favorite book.

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